Brief outline of my mental health journey…

Hi all. And welcome to my blog. I am here starting this blog for the first time.

I want to make this blog about the experiences of mental health and the journey that the majority of people with mental health face.

I want to be able to share those experiences of mental health and not make negativity my main subject of focus. I want to be able to embrace the whole idea of mental health and that it is okay to discuss it openly..

But before I make any more blog posts about the present and future, let me explain to you my journey to today. The present day.

My mental health journey began officially when I was thirteen/fourteen. But I never really properly knew until I was sixteen. Ever since I’ve lived with mental health issues. The specific mental health issues I am and have always lived with are: social anxiety, general anxiety disorder and depression.

And fast forward to today, here I am, still alive and well. Nice and healthy attending my studies.

So that’s my journey so far until today and a brief look into my past.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you all will find my posts interesting, and will happily read them all, including this one. And feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions.


Low moods

Hi guys

I want to write about low moods and what may trigger it.

For everyone, it is always unique experience in how we all go through low moods. And I am no different.

We are all human and we are allowed to feel what we feel. We are entitled to our feelings. No one can take that away from anyone.

As humans we are also entitled to having space and having off days. We are also entitled to be sad and not always be happy.

Benign happy is a good thing. And I encourage people to be happy including myself. But it gets to the point where it is not all glam and roses.

We can only be happy for so long, we can only be positive for so long. Happiness is temporary, so is sadness. All I am saying is…just as much as it is important to embrace and feel the good times, it is also important to embrace and feel the hard times too. It’s not all guns and roses all he time.

And it’s ok to not be ok all the time!!!

For me when I go through low moods and feel anxious, I tend to be:

– A lot more quiet

– I keep to myself

– I zone out in a conversation

Low moods are not nice to experience and it’s very much a ‘meh’ feeling for me when I feel down. And sometimes you don’t why you feel the way you do and it’s ok.

You don’t have to know everything all the time. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you don’t always know why you feel the way you do or how you got to that point. You don’t have to know it all in that moment. But eventually you will.

To experience low moods is completely fine. Some days we feel like we are on a high and we are all about being happy. And other days we are not.

It is what it is. It’s life. We go through a ton of emotions a day, everyday. Just take it one at a time.

Thanks for reading. X

Living a normal life with Anxiety

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog.

I want to discuss being able to live a normal life with anxiety.

Anxiety is a disorder that you are able to live with. You can do a lot of things whilst living with an anxiety disorder. I know that because of acquaintances and friends I have come across and gotten to know are living with an anxiety disorder and they are able to live a normal life.

Don’t let anxiety stop you from achieving your dreams. You are able to do a lot of things just like everyone else. You just have to fight that extra bit harder to get there.

You are able to work, you are able to have a family, you are able to date!! You are able to spend time with family (& friends), you are allowed to do all the normal activities that everyone else does. You are able to do all of that even with an anxiety disorder.

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is undoable. We can adapt, change and live with circumstances we have.

Just because you have an anxiety disorder, that does not mean you are limited. It means you are limitless.

Don’t limit your ability to do everything you want to do. If you want it, go for it.

Anxiety is a disorder that sometimes gets in our way just like life would get in the way of things. We just need to overcome every time.

So be careful about what you say and the words you choose need to be chosen wisely.

Thanks for reading. X

Keeping a busy schedule & self help

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog.

I want to discuss self help and how it helps some people and how it does and does not help me.

Self help is a broad term and for everyone it means something different. Self help is a method that we all use to guide ourselves to get better.

My form of self help would be:

– Writing

– Reading

– Watching a movie

– Going out for a walk

Sometimes this stuff works but not always. And when it doesn’t work I normally shut everyone and everything out. Which isn’t the slightest bit helpful. So I try my best to keep a busy schedule working.

And to keep a busy schedule from now onwards, I will be:

– I will be applying for jobs at schools,

– Retaking a gcse subject I could have done better at

– Working my current job status

– Saving money to go on holiday next summer

I am currently revising for my theory test. I have paid for the theory test earlier this summer and will be doing it this October. I am so nervous about it. Just can’t wait to get it done.

To revise, I have been using the 4 in 1 theory app which has proved to be very useful. You have to pay £4.99 for it on the Apple store if you want to use it, which (btw) I definitely would recommend.

Keeping a busy schedule will help me because when my self help methods don’t work out, I’ll have other things to work & and focus on. And adding to my schedule will be a welcome change to my boring, old routine that I had going on for the past year.

Thank you for reading.

Just a few questions to engage with you all:

Q1: What self help methods do you use to help you?

Q2: If they don’t always work, what else helps you and your mental health/wellbeing?


Dear Donald Trump: Mental illness does not make people violent

Hi guys and welcome back.

I want to write about this topic based on the recent shootings that has happened in America.

The shooter(s) were considered to be mentally ill and was used as a reason to excuse their behaviour by none other than (you) Donald trump. This (you are) is basically saying that people with a mental illness are violent.

I disagree with that statement made by (you) Donald trump, unfortunately. Just because someone has a mental illness, it is not a reason for them to be violent.

Some and most people, who do have mental disorders and illnesses, come from violent and broken homes, come from violent pasts where others were violent to them which caused them a lot of trauma.

But they do not use that as a reason or an excuse to be violent towards others.

So dear Donald Trump,

Why defend this shooter(s) and excuse his behaviour by saying he was mentally ill?

Regardless of having a mental illness or not, this does not have no relations to violence.

So by making that statement, are you insinuating that everyone who is violent has some sort of mental disorder and illness? Are you insinuating that people with mental disorders and illnesses are dangerous and have a reason to be?

Are you saying that people with mental disorders and illnesses who are supposedly and allegedly violent, are not allowed to be apart of society? Because how I see it, violent people shouldn’t be in society.

There is a difference between being dangerous and having a mental illness. There is a difference between violent people and people with a mental illness.

So Donald trump, think again about your statement. Are you sure you believe the shooter has a mental illness?

To me, he wouldn’t be violent and dangerous if he has a mental illness. He shot those people because he wanted to. He wanted to spread violence. That has nothing to do with having a mental illness. Nothing!!

Thank you for reading.

Placing our mental health & well being first

Hi guys

Welcome back!!

I want to write about putting yourself first. Putting your mental health and wellbeing first before anyone or anything.

You never come second to anyone. You should and need to put you first. Even if that means it’s called being selfish. Even if other people believe it is being selfish. It doesn’t matter what they call it or what they think or believe.

What matters is you. What matters is your health. Your mental health and mental wellbeing.

You are allowed to:

– Cancel plans

– Say no

– Have time for yourself

– Take a rest/nap

– Treat yourself

– Do what YOU desire/want

And most of all… you are allowed to be you.

Don’t let other people trick you into thinking you are not allowed to do any of these things. You are putting you first even if it means you are being selfish. You need to be more selfish for you. Not for your friends or family, for yourself!!

Be selfish for you because no one else will tell you to be. Do not allow people to force you to do something you don’t want any part of.

Work on your own terms. Be you!! Do you!!

Remember, you come first before anyone else. Or else you’ll loose yourself trying to please others.

Thanks for reading. x

A few things I can’t go without

Hi guys and welcome back to another blog post!!

This time I will be writing about the few things I can’t go without. Basically my weird and even weirder addictions.

Everyone has a thing that they always have to have or must keep…. or in other words are addicted to. Including me. It could be anything from dessert 🍩 to adrenaline-fuelled activities to watching or creating movies 🎬.

Then things you can’t go without or your addictions could be things you always like to do or have.

For example, my addictions are:

– Watching movies 🎬

– Writing 📝

– Going for long walks

– Cheetos

– Any kind of dessert 🍩

– Travelling 🛅

– Buying journals 📓 (I’ve had a few in my time)

– Eyeing up stationery 📝 and wanting to buy them but I don’t whenever I go to the shops

Everyone has different preferences, likes and dislikes. I just happen to like these things and it is my favourite pastimes to do. I believe that everyone has their own unique set of things they can’t go without (or in other words: addictions). And sometimes we can’t help but get it.

The question to you all as my viewers and readers: what are your favourite few things you can’t go without?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. X

Self esteem & confidence part 1

Hi guys and welcome back to another post by yours truly.

This time I want to discuss self esteem and confidence. Self esteem and confidence is something I personally struggled with as a teen and sometimes and a little bit as an adult as well.

The reason why I am writing this and telling that I struggled with that is because I am not invincible. I am not superman. I am not as confident as I seem online.

I feel that my struggles with self confidence and self esteem is something I want to share with you guys because I want you all to know that you are not the only one out there who is struggling with it. Everybody has their issues with themselves. And so do I.

I am there with you. I know what it is like to constantly have to worry about the way you look, worrying about what others think of you and how they perceive you.

When you struggle with self esteem and self confidence, it can affect every part of your life. Your work, your family life and your social life too.

But there is always a reason why we experience doubt within ourselves, the way we look and how we interact with people. And whatever that reason is…it is different for everyone.

And the reason why I am dedicating this post to talking about this topic is because i know how challenging it can be to live with that. To live with the constant worrying about everything. Low self esteem and confidence ties in with your mental health. And I can freely admit that my low confidence and low self belief in myself is a major part of my anxiety today.

The way we feel about ourselves has a huge effect on (and takes a toll on) your mental health and wellbeing. It ties in with the way you think mentally. Constantly worrying. About everything, about yourself to being concerned with what others think of you.

I am here to say that we can work through this together. We are able to be more confident and have a better self esteem. And the only we can do that, is by placing ourselves in situations we may not like but will be good for us in the near & long future.

The more we face uncomfortable situations, the better. Life will throw a lot at us, it’s how we handle it that’ll make us a hell of a lot stronger.

If I am able to work on my self confidence and self esteem by doing that, then you can too.

Thank you for reading.

Ps. This took a lot for me to write. And it took a while for me to put this post together. So please if you can, refrain from any negativity in the comments. I know I’ll be judged for this and my blog anyhow. But I just don’t want to hear about it.

Thank you. X